Membership Application Form

Please print this form out and mail it to:
Southern California Transit Advocates, Inc
3010 Wilshire #362
Los Angeles, CA 90010
Note: Part of the proceeds from dues is used to continue our printed version of The Transit Advocate  , as not everyone has web access (yet)!

SO.CA.TA always appreciates any additional donations, above and beyond dues.





Country (if not USA)____________________________________

(* all optional)

I am enclosing ________ for dues payment (see below)

Additional donation enclosed for SO.CA.TA________________

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About Membership Dues

  1. (Please call us if you have any problem determining your appropriate dues!)
  2. All memberships are up for renewal in December 2012. (You may pay for both 2012 and 2013, by enclosing the appropriate current amount + $30 (regular) or $12.00 (low-income)).
  3. Other transit advocacy organizations, exchanging newsletters with SO.CA.TA, are exempt from dues payment.
  4. Please send check or money order (US$) payable to Southern California Transit Advocates, Inc. (no cash please!)
  5. SO.CA.TA is recognized as a Non-Profit Organization at the Federal (501c4) and (California) State levels.
  6. If you live outside of the US, please contact us first to determine your rate (additional postage, etc.)
Thanks for joining us, and welcome aboard!
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