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Southern California Transit Advocates is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion, development and improvement of public transportation in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

The Transit Advocate

The Transit Advocate is the official newsletter of Southern California Transit Advocates. Copies of the newsletter are sent to all members in good standing, as well as to various transit and governmental agencies in Southern California.

Reference copies are available at the Metro Library and the UCLA University Research Library.

PDFThe online versions of the Transit Advocate are in Adobe (PDF) format, and do not include the covers or the meeting calendar (except in some early issues where the calendar took up only a portion of one page).

All issues contain the following ongoing features:

  • Public & Legislative Affairs Report (November 1995-present)
    (at various times, also called the "PLAC Report" and the "Public Affairs Report")
  • Metro Board Report (February 2009-November 2010)
  • Transit Updates*
  • Bulletin Board
    (called "From The Editor" until December 1995)
  • Members In Action (August 2000-present)
  • Route of the Month (March 1995-August 1999)
    (was replaced by "Transit Center of the Month" during 1996)
  • Transit Trivia (April 1995-February 2003)
  • Orange County Committee Report (March 2001-July 2003)
Any additional articles in an issue are listed next to the month.

Note: Prior to mid-2006, So.CA.TA referred to its study tours as "excursions" or simply "trips"; for sake of consistency, the article index lists all of the reports of same as "Study Tours".

* - The most recent six months' Transit Updates are available for reading here.

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2011 (issues are added one year after publication on a month by month basis)

January: Economic Stimulus, RTA Service Changes
February: Metrolink Marathon (2009 DAT) Part 1, Long Beach Transit Service Changes
March: Metrolink Marathon (2009 DAT) Part 2, OCTA Service Changes
April: Metrolink Marathon (2009 DAT) Part 3, Angels Flight Returns, 1926 "Motor Carrier" article
May: Metrolink Marathon (2009 DAT) Part 4, Metrolink's New Cars, Access Services Free Fare

January: Metrolink Leases Cars, Proposed Metro Service Changes for June, Transit Travel Essay
February: First Car Travels On Gold Line Extension, Planning a Trip at the Drop of a Schedule (Part 1), Big Blue Bus Changes, Inauguration Transit Facts
March: Metro's New CEO, Planning a Trip at the Drop of a Schedule (Part 2), A Blast From the Past
April: Norwalk Transit Proposed Changes, MTS Opens New Transit Station, APTA Reports High Ridership in 2008
May: Bob Burrowes Obituary, Rio Hondo College's "Go Rio" Program Wins National Award, LAUPT Turns 70!
June: Ralph Clark Obituary
July: Day After Thanksgiving Study Tour (Part 1), Court Rejects State Raids on Transit Funding, History of a Newsletter
August: Day After Thanksgiving Study Tour (Part 2), Recent Legislation, City of Downey Transit Fair
September: Day After Thanksgiving Study Tour (Part 3), FirstGroup Brings Greyhound to the United Kingdom
October: Buses With Backpacks, APTA News
November: Eastside Gold Line Extension, Day After Thanksgiving Study Tour Itinerary
December: Candidate Statements

March: So.CA.TA Reform Proposal
May: MTA 577X Follow-Up Ride
June: So.CA.TA at National Train Day, Streetcar Workshop, Day After Thanksgiving Study Tour (Part 1), Gas Tax Holiday
July: Day After Thanksgiving Study Tour (Part 2)
August: Public Works Shuttles Study Tour
September: OC Flyer Study Tour, Book Review: "Transit Maps Of The World"
October: Foothill 480 & Silver Streak Study Tour
December: Candidate Statements

January: By-Laws Revisions, MTA Service Change Proposals
February: Day After Thanksgiving Study Tour
March: By-Laws Revisions
April: Gimme Shelter
May: Subway Scouting Study Tour, Zine Plugs
June: MTA Fares Increase
July: Orange County Measure M
August: How Fast Can a Train Go?
September: A Great Loop Trip
November: 1907 Beverly Hills Ad
December: MTA Regional Connector & Eastside Extension Scoping Sessions, Candidate Statements

January: Action Alerts, Sector Reports
February: South Whittier Shuttle
March: MTA Sector Meeting Reports
April: Day After Thanksgiving Study Tour
May: MTA Sector Reports, Stop Right There
June: Fullerton Senior Center Report, The X-Trip Files, Reader Comment
July: MTA Sector Reports, Pacific Railroad Society Museum
August: 2006 Holiday Banquet
September: LAX-Valley Owl Tour
October: Bus Terminal Reroute at Fullerton Transportation Center?
November: Santa Clarita Study Tour
December: So.CA.TA Candidate Statements, Fullerton Transportation Center Bus Terminal Relocation, The World Of Subway

March: Federal Transportation Funding, Summer Owl Study Tour
April: Foothill Transit Study Tour, Orange Line Construction, sbX Leadership Conference
May: Day After Thanksgiving Study Tour
August: San Diego Gets More Buses & Trains, Santa Ana Terminal Closing, New MTS Trolley
September: MTA Sector Reports
November: Sector Reports, Parking Not Validated, Orange Line Sneak Peek
December: ATSAC Tour, Contract Lines Study Tour

February: Orange County News
March: Day After Thanksgiving Study Tour
April: Metro Connections
May: Metrolink Fare Restructuring
June: Weymouth Corners
August: Compton/Carson Study Tour, Los Robles Avenue
September: What Transit Did For Our Summer Vacation, Transit Funding Shortfall
October: Rail-Volution 2004, Omnitrans Citylink
November: Member Forum, Pass Transit System

January: Owl Study Tour
February: OCTA Owl Study Tour
March: Day After Thanksgiving Study Tour
April: Southern California Compass, Safety For Park Place Transit Users
May: Riverside Commuter Express, Omnitrans Short Range Transit Plan
July: Gold Line Preview Ride
August: First Ride Gold Line, San Pedro Red Cars, Long Beach AquaLink
October: Laguna Beach Study Tour
November: OCTA Owl Study Tour, Public Transportation Policy

January: AB 1348
February: Santa Monica-Orange County Adventure (Part 1), Stop Announcements - Courtesy Or Requirement?, Baxter Ward 1919-2002
March: Santa Monica-Orange County Adventure (Part 2), Day After Thanksgiving Study Tour, Amtrak's Dukakis Addresses RailPAC, Arizona Trip Report
April: Orange County Study Tour, Hidden Fishbowls Of Perris, Transportation Exhibit At CSUN, NARP Asks Help To Save Trains, Special Late-Breaking News From April 1st
May: Fullerton Rail Days Booth
June: Letter To So.CA.TA, High Speed Rail, Riverside Transit Agency
July: Santa Monica Transit Mall, Downey Transit Center, Amtrak Comments, Wilshire Blvd. Rail
August: MTA Sectors, Federal Reauthorization Action Alert, NCTD Study Tour
September: PCH Study Tour, EZ Pass and Rail2Rail
October: 10 Years of Metrolink/The Next 10 Years
November: New FRA Compliant DMU, OCTA/MTA Passes

January: SunLink
February: AAA Symposium
March: Cal Poly Pomona, Inland Empire Study Tour, OCTA Centerline Meeting, West San Gabriel Valley
April: Metrolink Marathon
May: Day After Thanksgiving Study Tour
June: Ventura County Update, Fullerton Railroad Days
July: New MTA CEO, Updates (Southbay/Long Beach, San Fernando Valley/North County, San Gabriel Valley/Inland Empire), Please Close the Window, Transit & Energy
August: Highway 66 Study Tour
September: Blue Line Hearing
October: Point/Counterpoint On the Consent Decree
November: CEO Salaries, Transit and Terrorism, Dorothy Peyton Grey (MTA Librarian) 1943-2001
December: National Park Shuttle, Owl Study Tour

January: New RTA Fares, Line 646 Study Tour, From the President, Pat Moser (So.CA.TA Founder) 1938-1999, View From the Back Of the Bus
February: Alternative Corridor Studies, OCTA Restructuring, Santa Monica Restructuring, SCAT Restructuring, Wilshire Chamber Of Commerce Transportation Meeting
March: Day After Thanksgiving Study Tour, San Jacinto Metrolink
May: So.CA.TA In Sacramento, Election 2000 & Transit (Part 1), Amtrak Pacific Surfliner
June: Red Line Sneak Peek
July: North Hollywood Station Booth Report, Rapid Bus
August: DNC Transit Updates, Blue Line 10th Anniversary
September: Election 2000 & Transit (Part 2), Aqua Line
October: Election 2000 & Transit (Part 3), Transit Conference
December: Election 2000 & Transit (Part 4), Pomona Metrolink Update

January: Transit and Congress
February: Day After Thanksgiving Study Tour
May: Omnitrans Five-Year Service Plan
June: Metro Red Line Preview, Metrolink Beach Trains
August: San Diego Rail Conference
September: Tale Of Two Bus Stops
October: Muni Study Tour, Glendale Station
December: Response To November PLAC Report, Riverside Study Tour, View From The Back Of The Bus

January: 1997 Holiday Buffet, Pomona Metrolink
February: Guest Editorial, San Pedro Transit Center, BDOF
March: Day After Thanksgiving Study Tour, Mid-Cities Route Restructuring, "Alternative" Buses Pt. 1
April: Westside Bus Restructuring
May: ADA
June: South Bay Bus Restructuring
July: Antelope Valley Study Tour, Citizens Area Transit
August: SCAG Restructuring Plan, Regional Stop Zone
September: San Pedro Study Tour, "Alternative" Buses Pt. 2, Los Angeles County Fair
October: Glendale Beeline, Foothill Transit
November: Forum Report, Santa Clarita, Foothill Expansion

January: Program For 1997
February: Metrolink Santa Clarita Line Saturday Service, RegioSprinter, Day After Thanksgiving Study Tour, In Memoriam: Line 496
March: MTA Talking Bus, ISTEA Reauthorization
April: Guest Report
May: Montebello Study Tour
June: Santa Clarita Study Tour, Metrolink Update
August: Articulated Buses
September: Owl Service Study Tour, More Buses In Los Angeles?, New Bus Routes
November: SFV Bus System?, Guest Editorial
December: Tunnel Tour, Five Years of the Transit Advocate, Guest Impression

January: Day After Thanksgiving Study Tour, In Defense Of Rail
February: Foothill Restructuring, High Tech Highway Opens In Southern California, A Manifesto For Transit Activism
March: Worksheet For Transit Activism, The Human Race, Angels' Flight Returns To L.A.
April: Survey Says!, S.F. Valley Rail Line
May: Long Beach Transit Restructuring
June: Big Bear Study Tour
July: Harbor Freeway Transitway, Red Line Extension, ValRail Dream Ride
August: Public Transportation and Metro
September: Omnitrans Restructuring
October: So.CA.TA Activity Centers, Southern California Transit Information Page
November: West Los Angeles Bus Statistics, Getting To Know You, Downtown DASH, MTA Day Pass Plan
December: Riverside Transit Agency Meeting, Foothill Fare Increase, Metrolink Holiday Service

January: ISTEA Planning (Part 1), Transit & Congress, Metro Rail News, Metrolink Update
February: New MTA Fares, Transit Use Climbs Again, ISTEA Planning (Part 2)
March: What MTA Should Do Now, Red Line On Wilshire?, MTA Long Range Plan, Metrolink Update
April: Green Line Sneak Peek, Shuttle Shutdown
May: Call For Action, Metro Rail Update, Metrolink Update
June: Transit $ Outlook, OCTA Restructuring, Low Floor In Long Beach
July: APTA Chairperson Speaks, Bikes On Transit
August: HOV Lanes (Part 1), Metro Green Line, San Diego Study Tour, Transit-Conscious Newspapers
September: HOV Lanes (Part 2)
October: Metrolink, Cybertran
November: Yosemite Electric Bus
December: Metrolink Holiday Trains

January: Metro Red Line Update, MTA's Methanol Buses, Federal Transit Cuts?, I-210 HOV Lane, Responses to "World Without Cars", Dues & Newsletter Policy
February: Electric Trolleybus Project Killed, Earthquake Transit Update, The Metrolink Miracle, Metrolink/Amtrak Extended Service, Westside Alternative Service, Exposition Line Emergency Service?, APTA Civil Rights Seminar, Valley Rail Funds, Last Train to Pasadena
March: Metro Rail Update, Continuing Metrolink Improvements, Proposition A, Federal Transit Budget, Ridesharing Subsidies
April: MTA Plans Service Reductions/Fare Hikes, OCTA Service Modifications, Metrolink Reaches Orange/Oceanside/Oxnard, L.A. County Counsel Regarding Proposition A, Bryan Allen Motions
May: Editor Opinion, Public Hearings, APTA Commuter Rail (Part I), Metrocard, Metrolink Update
June: CALTEA, Proposed MTA Fare Increase, San Fernando Valley Restructuring Study, APTA Commuter Rail (Part II), Downeylink, Metrolink Update
July: Rapid Transit & Light Rail, VISTA, Pasadena Area Rapid Transit System, MTA Strike Contingency Plan, Metrolink Update
August: New MTA Fares, Santa Monica Tide, Montclair Transcenter, Low Floor Buses Gaining In Popularity, Metrolink
September: Federal Judge Blocks MTA Fare Increase, More Proposition A, Metrolink
October: Propositions 181 & 185, Hollywood Subway (Part I), Bryan Allen Motions, Transit Use Increasing, Rapid Transit Committee
November: MTA Bus Route Restructuring, Valley Rail Line, Rail Construction Corporation Dismantled, Subway Tunnel Adventure, Metrolink Update
December: Bus Route Changes in 1995, Arroyo-Verdugo Transportation Coalition, Proposition 185, What Happened?, Metrolink Update, Metrolink Holiday Service

January: Metrolink to Claremont and Montclair, Metro Red Line Opening Delayed, S.F. Valley Transit, Transit Terms, I-210 HOV Lane Delayed/690 Express Cut Back
February: RTD and LACTC Merge to Form One Agency, Red Line Opens, No Decision on Controversial Valley Line, More Metrolink, Crenshaw Corridor Planning
March: Downtown Connectors, Advocacy From the Sidelines, So Many Transit Projects, MTA's New Headquarters, Tokens, Metrolink
April: Transit Dictator, Problems In Transit, APTA Applauds Clinton Administration, L.A.'s New CityRide, Foothill Transit Modifies and Expands, Metrolink Commuter Rail Update
May: APTA Offers Coalition-Building Kit, Route 10/60 Corridor, Crenshaw Corridor, Exposition Corridor
June: MTA Logo, Inner City Transit Needs Study, Metrolink Reaches San Bernardino, Should Transit Be Exempt From the Energy Tax?
July: Wilshire Bus Route Changes, MTA Budget Woes, Metrolink Riverside Line, Ventura County Spends Transit Funds On Roads, San Fernando Valley Restructuring Study, MTA Headquarters Update, Beach Bus
August: San Fernando Valley Rail Line Update, Metro Green Line Tour, Use of Clean-Powered Vehicles in Transit, Metrolink Commuter Rail Ridership
September: Pico-Union District, MTA Budget Highlights, Is the Red Line Ready For the Big One?, Santa Clarita Transit, Fare Changes Under Consideration, Ride Metrolink to the Fair
October: Transit Priorities, Effective Meetings, Motion Regarding the Red Line, Zero Emissions Surface Transit, Metrolink Test Run to Antelope Valley
November: Glendale Beeline Expands Service, One Year of Metrolink, AVTA Commuter Buses Add Trips, Inland Empire Connection Reduces Express Service, Letter to the Editor
December: Catch the MTA Shuttles, Cerritos On Wheels, Universal City Red Line Station, What If a Private Car Had Not Been Feasible?, Reply to Letter

December: Metrolink, Metro Red Line Subway to Open, RTD Gets $40M LACTC Grant, Exposition Blue Line EIR, LAX-Palmdale High Speed Rail, The Defeat of Prop. 156