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Southern California Transit Advocates is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion, development and improvement of public transportation in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

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MTA Response to SO.CA.TA letter re: Line #201

Mar. 28, 2012  
Mr. Dana Gabbard
Executive Secretary
Southern California Transit Advocates
Dear Mr. Gabbard:
Art Leahy, Metro CEO, has asked me to respond to your recent letter regarding your objection to the extension of the route 201 to Glenoaks Park and other line 201 routing suggestions.:
Due to budget constraints, Glendale Beeline cancelled line 13 which served the Glenoaks Canyon area. The city of Glendale asked Metro if certain trips of line 201 could be extended to serve the cancelled portion. Metro was able to extend the trips without adding any in-service hours. Five out of 18 trips were extended to Gardner and Glenoaks; 2 in the AM, 1 in mid-day and 2 in the PM. Metro will monitor the ridership on this portion of the line as well as the entire line for further analysis as the year progresses.:
Your suggestion to route line 201 along Virgil instead of Vermont Ave. between 1st St. and Wilshire Ave. has been forwarded to service planning for further review. :
Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to assist you with your concerns.:
Sincerely yours,:
Tom Horne
Customer Relations

Letter re: MAX Bus service

Municipal Area Express
Policy Steering Committee


On behalf of our members I wish to express our firm support for the continuation of the routes of the Municipal Area Express. It is a vital service for its riders and provides an important public benefit by encouraging use of mass transit for commuting to the El Segundo Employment Center, reducing congestion and air pollution.

We encourage the MAX participating jurisdictions to explore funding options (including regional, state and federal) to address operational and capital expenses as a means of providing relief to the stressed financial resources of the member agencies in meeting their apportioned share of continuing MAX services.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Dana Gabbard
Executive Secretary

Letter re: Metro route #201

Art Leahy, Chief Executive Officer
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Dear Mr. Leahy:

On behalf of our members I wish to register our objection to the recent extension of the route 201 to Glenoaks Park for selected trips. Based on past experience we believe it is a waste of agency resources to the benefit of riders per day that can be counted on two hands. Sadly Metro allowed political influence to outweigh common sense. And we especially object to the total circumvention of the established processes for such service changes, especially consultation with the applicable service council (in this case the Westside/CentraI). We predict as when this was done in the creation of route 902 at the behest of a L.A. Councilperson, that Metro will eventually have to withdraw this service as being non-productive even though such was so evident beforehand that these services should never have been undertaken at all.

One final note in re the 201: we suggest Metro consider re-routing the southern end of the route by having it continue along Virgil to Wilshire, a last stop at Wilshire Vermont then via 6th Street its current terminal point at Shatto/Wilshire. This would provide service along a corridor that currently has none since the cancellation of route 26 and end the wasteful duplication of having the 201 operate along a stretch of Vermont that is already saturated with bus service including Rapid 754, local 204 and Dash Koreatown.


Dana Gabbard
Executive Secretary