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Southern California Transit Advocates is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion, development and improvement of public transportation in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

High Cost of Pavement Maintenance

As pavement ages the cost of maintenance quickly escalates as described in the Pothole Report from MTC.

The City of Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services has prepared A Guide to Potholes & Other Street Damage.

The Institute of Transportation Studies at UC Berkeley has a Pavement Research Center.

These Traffic Congestion Relief Fund guidelines provide cities and copunties guidance on spending funds the TCRF provides for street or road maintenance or reconstruction.

The Southern California Association of Governments presented at the May 17, 2007 Plans and Programs Technical Advisory Committee meeting a Preservation Analysis Update report for the state highway system.

Caltrans has on its website a page for the State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP) program for the maintenence of the state highway system.

The Spring 2007 isue of the newsletter Tech Transfer has an article on Pavement Preservation Through Partnering.