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Southern California Transit Advocates is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion, development and improvement of public transportation in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

Positions taken in the past year by So.CA.TA (without written statements)

June, 2010: Support S. 3412/H.R. 5418 (Public Transportation Preservation Act of 2010)
April, 2010: Oppose new public hearing on scheduled Metro fare increases demanded by Bus Riders Union; support Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa's "30/10 Initiative" to accelerate Measure R project funding; express concerns to Metro San Gabriel Valley and South Bay Governance Councils about Metro Silver Line on-time performance
March, 2010: Support efforts by Metro Board member Pam O'Connor to provide restroom facilities at Artesia Transit Center and other transit hubs and stations
February, 2010: Support SB 518 (letters to be sent as appropriate at future dates) (support position withdrawn in June, 2010 due to the bill's author removing the supported language); oppose Santa Monica Big Blue Bus' proposed discontinuance of local-to-local transfers
January, 2010: Support final environmental impact report for Metro Expo Line, Phase II
November, 2009: Support "Save Local Services" coalition to place initiative on ballot firewalling transit and other local service funds; support California Transit Association's federal legislative program
October, 2009: Support Foothill Transit appeal of West Covina planning commission decision against new park-ride structure in that city
September, 2009: Support creation of Rapid service by Culver CityBus on Sepulveda Blvd.; support changes in Long Beach Transit service to and from CSULB, conditioned on maintenance of service levels on 4th St. (statements of support e-mailed to agencies)
July, 2009: Signatory to MoveLA Coalition letter to Congress in support of H.R. 2454, H.R. 2521, and transportation funding reauthorization

Recent Position Statements

Member Statements

While Southern California Transit Advocates often takes positions on issues affecting public transit users, our members often have their own positions, and we believe not only in their right to speak them, but to have them appear on our website as well. All of the following statements represent the opinions of individual members, and not the official positions of Southern California Transit Advocates (unless otherwise noted).

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